Firewood is one of our main ventures.

Available in our stores you will find seasoned firewood thought the year, for home or professional use.

Our customers that support us over the years, can confirm that we try our best to bring you the best quality seasoned firewood available all year round.
Every type of firewood serves a different purpose from lighting up to keep your fire burning for long. The wood is divided in too two categories, soft and hard wood types. If you are not sure how to light up your fireplace, ask us which is the best way to light up your fireplace, bbq and stove.

Some types that are available almost all year round are:
Soft Wood:

Tip for soft woods: They burn easy and are the best way to start your fire after using kindling, Soft woods produse big flames and good amount of heat but they burn fast.

Hard Wood:

Tip for hard woods: Hard wood burnes longer, produces a more "calm" flame and they work best, not as a wood to start your fire but to keep your fire burning for longer.

At times there are other types of firewood available such as, eucalyptus, yew, orange, lemons, etc. Ask us what is available

At Taurus Wood local stores, you will find Pellet, A1 Grade, ISO certified and A' Grade wood briquettes. If you are looking for B2B and firewood wholesale contact us for further inquiries and offers.