Our area of expertise is Fatwood and wood kindling. Fatwood originates from the heart of the pines and has a high concentration of natural resin.

It is a 100% natural product, environmentally friendly, vegan and extremely flammable without additional chemical enhancement! It is suitable for fireplace, stove and barbecue. It is collected from pines that have completed their life cycle, without cutting down new trees! Unlike any other product on the market, it is the only naturally flammable, without chemical additives.

Fatwood sticks are packaged in transparent, recyclable bags that contains pure authentic fatwood cut into pieces of about 15-20cm. The wood kindling is natural wood, packed in a transparent recyclable bag in to pieces of approximately 15-20cm, that have not undergone any treatment other than cutting.

It is ideal for lighting a fireplace, stove and barbecue and helps the larger pieces of fire and cook wood, charcoal and briquettes to light as easily and quickly as possible! We ship worldwide and we also offer private lable options for B2B. If you are interested in wholesale for Fatwood and Wood kindling or want to know more about our products leave us a message below!