If you worry that in today's environmentally conscious society there are ethical complications inherent in the wood industry, with Taurus Wood there’s no cause to concern. We are an Attiki-based Grecian wood specialists, we are rigorous in our efforts to secure legally harvested wood and make every effort to ensure our products are eco-friendly as part of a sustainable future for everyone.
Organic recourses are essential at Taurus Wood where all our products are 100% natural and contain no chemical enhancements. Taurus’s speciality is wood kindling and especially fatwood products.
Fatwood originates from a species of pine tree saturated in a highly flammable and aromatically pleasing natural resin. Unlike any other product in the market, it is the only naturally flammable wooden commodity that doesn’t use any chemical enhancement in its production so you can be sure of a natural burn that’s so woke it’s even vegan!



We are pleased to be part of an initiative to address the new reality by exploring new applications and capabilities.

A few words from EVEA: Since the beginning of the pandemic, the organization and operation of trade fairs of all kinds has been significantly affected, for this reason, EVEA takes the initiative to create the virtual exhibition hall AthEnsVtradE.